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Looking for a singer/bassist/guitarist/drummer/keyboardist, et cetera?

Band Member Classifieds

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This is a community for those who are interested in finding members for a band/project in their local area.

Essential Criteria

1. Name, age, location

2. What are your abilities?

3. What music do you frequently listen to?

4. What music are you interested in making?

5. What equipment do you currently own/plan on obtaining in the near future?

6. What are your musical goals?

7. Is there a particular image you're going for? If so, what?

After you've gotten the basics, you may go into detail about your own life/schedule, what you believe in, and maybe add a picture if you're going for a particular image.

This community is not a place to judge or bash other people, music genres, etc. Any observations must be expressed in a non-antagonizing manner. Failure to do so will have you banned.

Happy searching!