H (mauvecloud) wrote in lets_make_music,

Mauvecloud Sings!

As promised by the lying playbill.

The demo is here.

The lyrics are here.
All mistakes and goofs are Mauvecloud's. The more plausible-sounding lines are most probably Yoshinori's.

The haha! translation is here.
Written in a haha! mode in reply to Yoshinori's pleading question: "What exactly do we want to say here?"

This number is dedicated to all yaoi fans, old and young, butch and femme, communists and fascists!
Though it might make an interesting study to non-fans wishing to delve into the psyche of some yaoi fan.

Please tell us what you think of the vocals, music or lyrics! If you don't feel like complaining to Mauvecloud, feel free to spam Yoshinori.

(May the souls of those poor mosquitos rest in pieces! =P)
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